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Singles, duos and trios are our most popular formats, with lots of interest in larger function musical performances. Whether your function be small or large, we adjust the music selection and performance style to your situation and preference. Below are just a few of the examples of what we offer. Calling Roy directly is still the best way to plan the music and entertainment for your special event - 252.480.1532.


roy murray wedding
"Ladies & Gentlemen, presenting..."

"Trumpets & Violins"
The best seller and most versatile unit from the Roy Murray Music Studio is "Trumpets & Violins," which consists of Roy Murray on trumpets and flutes and Stacy Walters on violins. Together they have performed at over 700 weddings in the past 14 years.

All duos from the Roy Murray Music Studio are extremely portable; from the beach to the church, and from the formal to the informal...

"Cellos & Flutes"

When looking for something slightly different, but yet fits all situations, this is it! The combination of these two instruments is unparalled; Beth LaMountain and Roy Murray know what to do...

"Harmony's Breeze"

For a threesome, pianist/vocalist Natalie Drummond or Angela Furr are added to either of the above. There is no song or music that we cannot play.

"Roy Murray with String Trio"

Ceremony at Elizabethan Gardens
A 30" x 40" acrylic by local artist Tracy Bell
"Trios & Quartets"

The studio receives many requests to add third and sometimes fourth musicians to the suggested ensembles. The addition of another violin, viola, or cello adds warmth and presence for a different 'mood' of music for your event. Though the duos lack nothing, the trios and quartets do allow for a larger selection of music choices. And yes, they are just as portable as the duos, in a church, on the beach, or at the Elizabethan Gardens.

"Vocalists & Keyboards"

Roy also has several outstanding vocalists and keyboard players, which can be added to any of the musical groupings mentioned. With the richness of the vocalists being so strong, yet still gentle, there is no need for outdoor amplification!

"Roy Murray Society Orchestra"

For a larger musical presentation, The "Roy Murray Society Orchestra" builds up to an ensemble of 5 to 10 different orchestral instruments. This group is ideal for large and production type weddings, but is also available to play for smaller weddings when the situation calls for it.

Roy, conducting a wedding rehearsal in The Gardens

"Multiple Ensembles For A Truly Memorable Event"

For some wedding ceremonies we are asked to perform with multiple ensembles simultaneously. For example, at a wedding last May, we used 14 musicians all at once. We had four musicians playing at various entrances to the grounds of this particular event. For the ensembles we used a string quartet on the beach, three horn players up on the dune, oboe and vocal solos, and of course, me (Roy) conducting as well as playing for the all important entrance of the bride.

"We're about to start. Would you like to join us?"

"Fine tuning for the big moment..."

"Who's going to sit in those chairs behind us?"

The Cocktail Hour

A necessary transition from the focus of the wedding ceremony to the celebration of the reception is the cocktail hour. Here Roy uses one or two musicians playing smooth jazz, standards and easy listening. It is small in its set up and not loud, as this is the time that guests unwind and talk to one another while the bridal couple is usually off taking pictures. This music is also excellent for rehearsal dinners.

Reheasal Dinners & Receptions

Usually rehearsal dinners have a cocktail hour also and then, of course, comes the dinner and mood music up until the climax and the end of the evening. The above described cocktail music is also excellent for these occasions.

For receptions we do something a little different. We take the same instrumentation and styles of the cocktail hour music and "step-it-up" a bit. It's not a floor show, nor will it replace the voltage of a live band or DJ, but very much enhances the evening with the joy of live music for dancing, listening or just pleasing background... But remember, we are the "wedding ceremony specialists" - not the "party animal specialists".

Praise and Worship Music
If this would interest you during any phase of your wedding day or plans, please contact me.

Country and Folk Wedding Music
We don't do this often, but when we have, everybody had a lot of fun with it, including us!

The Jazz Wedding
Various keyboard and guitar artists team up with Roy Murray to do Gershwin, Ellington and Jobim. Roy uses flügelhorn, sax, flute and trumpet; even the jazz classics have their place at a wedding ceremony...

"Praise & Worship"

"Country and Folk Wedding Music"

"The Jazz Wedding"

And yes, you can mix or match any of the above items into any combination thereof...

    - Roy Murray


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